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Healthy Stretching, Flexibility, and Range of Motion Exercises

Range of Motion (ROM) is defined as “the extent of movement of a joint”. Good flexibility is necessary for a joint to have full ROM. Healthy stretching increases your dog’s flexibility, thereby increasing range of motion.

Stretching and flexibility also increases circulation and sends more oxygen to the muscle which helps create a stronger muscle and joint. Strong muscles and joints are less prone to injury and are less susceptible to the stiffness and pain that are associated with aging.

Here are some of the many benefits your dog will enjoy from healthy stretching and range of motion exercises:

  • Alleviates arthritis and minimizes the pain
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation (the lymphatic system is part of the immune system)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps prevent soft tissue injuries like tendonitis.
  • Reduces back pain caused by tight muscles
  • Helps regain muscle strength and encourages muscle and joint resiliency after injury or surgery.
  • Creates a calm demeanor in your dog and feels just plain good!

This service includes a warm-up walk. In the event your vet has prescribed movement restrictions, a gentle massage or warm damp towel application will be substituted for the walk, once we get clearance from your vet.


  • Starting at $20.00 (exact quote given prior to service being performed)

Healthy stretching and range of motion exercises are included in the Canine Revival Certified Massage routine. Massage helps keep muscles toned, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, and loosens the muscles around joints, promoting ease of movement. It can be especially helpful in reducing the stiffness of arthritis, enabling your dog to maintain an active lifestyle. Learn more about Canine Revival Certified Massage HERE.

Exercise and Conditioning

If you have a senior dog facing the normal aging process, or a dog that delights in being a couch potato, you may have noticed some muscle loss and lethargy. Or maybe your dog has experienced an injury, illness or surgery that requires body reconditioning exercises. Regardless of the circumstances, we can help!


The Senior or Inactive Dog: The process of aging can cause our dogs to become more sedentary which results in loss of muscle mass and balance. This holds true for the less active younger dog too. As muscle tone diminishes there is a higher probability of injury. In addition to risk of injury, being sedentary can lead to weight gain which puts added stress on joints. It also causes poor circulation which affects the organs and processes in the body. We can design an exercise conditioning program specifically for your dog to help promote better muscle tone, strength and health.


The Recuperating Dog: We will work directly with your veterinarian as they develop a plan for your dog’s recuperation. We can assist in a multi-faceted approach to help your dog recover by using specialized instability training to encourage balance, independent limb awareness, and build core strength.

Whether you have an aging dog, a couch potato or a dog recovering from a set-back, this individually designed exercise program will help your dog get back on track!


  • Starting at $45.00
Pet Advocacy Services

Rita is available as your pet’s advocate for veterinary appointments and phone calls, as a consultant, and for your emotional support needs. There are times when medical terminology, treatment options, and the prognosis given by your veterinarian can be complicated and confusing. It may be a difficult time to make decisions due to the predicted quality of life, the emotional attachment you have for your pet, and the financial burden that can be incurred.

We experience particularly high levels of stress in all of these areas when treatment options are being weighed against end of life decisions. Rita has the experience and compassion to assist you in any pet-related medical situations involving your veterinarian, your pet’s comfort, and what is right for you.

She will be there for you, to help explain, educate and support you, as you make the best quality of life medical decisions for your pet.


  • Veterinary-related or personal support phone calls: Starting at $10.00


  • Veterinary appointments and extended services: starting at $25.00 (call/text for personalized quote)