Canine Revival

Together, we can give your dog the advantage of superior health and fitness!
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Certified Fitness & Conditioning

Superior canine health and fitness through exercise and conditioning
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Promoting better dog health and fitness through Sports Massage!
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Lucky Dog!

A comprehensive and innovative approach to dog health and services!
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What is Canine Revival?

Canine Revival is a company built on the belief that dogs were meant to share our lives as healthy, well-adjusted, loved and valued family members. We are interested in every stage of your dog’s life – from the moment you bring them home until they are old and gray, we’ll be there for you and your dog!

Canine Fitness & Conditioning

Every dog will benefit from an individually designed fitness program which stresses proper form and technique. We work with all dogs including sporting athletes, companions, seniors, and those recuperating from surgery or illness.

Certified Canine Sports Massage

A hands-on, holistic therapy for every dog! Massage promotes good health and healing, and alleviates pain from numerous causes. Sports massage is beneficial in pre- and post-competition, including all sporting and conformation events, and is helpful in calming dogs who experience hyperactivity and anxiousness.

LUCKY DOG! Services

We offer an abundance of dog-related services designed to delight your dog and keep them in their best possible health – while providing you with less stress and more time to enjoy life! Our specialty? Family Life Training! A personalized approach to obedience training, tailored to meet the needs of your dog and family.

When it comes to your dog’s fitness and fun…
Have you been barking up the wrong tree?

Canine Revival has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to offer our clients a comprehensive list of dog services that encompass the total dog.

Here’s what our customers have to say

Rita has done a fantastic job with working with Cooper, my wife and me on training techniques to work on during the week prior to…

Ron S.

We are so happy to have found Rita as she was a great help with our boxer Betty. Our dog is very stubborn but smart…

Anthony M.

Rita was wonderful! She was great with our dog Joey and great with my kids and teaching them what to practice with him! She definitely…

Rob A.

Very caring – I’m jealous of my dog.

Dale B.

Rita is professional yet easy-going, which works great for our lifestyle. She’s great with our last-minute schedule changes! She does a great job and seems…

Clarice C.

Rita clearly loves dogs and knows animal behavior. She worked wonders with our Rat Terrier (and us for that matter!) What’s great about Rita is…

Barb B.