Pricing - Certified Fitness & Conditioning

Rita offers specific fitness programs to target your dog’s specific needs:

  • Sport-related Conditioning
  • Rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Senior Plans – specific conditioning to meet the needs of your aging dog
  • Just for FUN & good behavior!

Initial Consultation & Equipment Introduction
Includes: consultation and introduction to a few pieces of equipment (45-60 minutes)


Initial Consultation, Evaluation Assessment & Equipment Introduction
Includes: consultation, measurements, basic fitness test, and introduction to a few pieces of equipment (60 – 75 minutes)

Reevaluation Progress Check
Includes: follow-up measurements and basic fitness test (45 minutes)



 “Get Involved” 12 session in-gym program
Includes: Total of 6 weeks – 2 in-gym trainer sessions weekly where you learn the techniques plus 1 workout you provide at home.

New Fitness Plan sent home with your dog each week!
$295.00 ($65 off!)


Fitness Session – repeat visit/per session
(35- 40 minutes)

5 sessions: $140.00 ($10 off!)
10 sessions: $275.00 ($25 off!)
20 sessions: $490.00 ($110 off!)



Add-on Services:

Take Home Fitness Plan
Initial consult required prior to plan creation

Plan Revisions/Updates
Updates to your personalized plan as your dog masters the skills and becomes more fit