Canine Revival’s

Certified Massage

Promoting better dog health and fitness through Sports Massage


Whether you have an athlete, a couch potato, or someone in between, massage will refresh, renew and revitalize your dog!


Injury, illness or surgery can take a toll on your dog. Massage can help accelerate healing, reduce pain and increase mobility so your dog can get back to enjoying life!


Sports massage greatly reduces emotional anxiety and everyday physical stress, allowing your dog to feel and BE more relaxed and happy!

What is Canine Massage and how can it help my dog?

Canine Sports Massage Therapy will isolate and alleviate the problems caused by normal day-to-day living, aging, sporting activities, injury, surgery, lack of muscle tone and sluggish circulation.

Whether your dog excels at power loafing on the sofa or spends time engaged in a rigorous sport or job, massage is an excellent way to help your dog feel their best!


Massage can be an amazing breakthrough for those dogs that have not experienced much human interaction in their lives. Many rescues that are timid and unsure have greatly benefitted from massage therapy. Learning that human touch can be a wonderful thing often brings a previously neglected dog out of their shell and can be the first step to learning to live the good life with their new family.

Canine Sports Massage Therapy promotes better fitness and overall health while helping to keep your dog in their best physical shape!

Some Benefits of Canine Sports Massage Therapy:

  • Improves flexibility and range of joint motion which helps prevent injury

  • Increases muscle tone and condition by improving blood flow

  • Eases pain due to arthritis, muscle overuse/underuse, muscle spasm, surgeries and injuries

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Boosts immunity

  • Relieves joint pain and stress

  • Increases athletic performance

  • Promotes healing and increases blood and lymph circulation

  • Reduces scar tissue formation and assists in recovery after surgery or injury

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