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Private training programs specifically and individually designed for your dog and your family life!

Professional and Private Dog Training
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Basic Information about the Family Life Training Program

Our Family Life Training program is not your ordinary obedience class. There is no walking round and round in an endless circle with 10 other dogs and one instructor. The Family Life training program is private so each session is specifically and individually designed for your dog and your family life!

All of the training sessions will only use positive reinforcement – we’ll use rewards, including treats and/or toys, and lots of verbal praise! Every session is FUN! for your dog and for you – because dogs learn best when they are engaged and happy.

Prior to Our First Meeting

Please fill out the Consultation Form online 

This will give me a little background on you and your dog. Don’t worry if it doesn’t cover everything, we will set up a free phone call prior to scheduling a training appointment. During our phone call, you may have a few things you’d like to add and I may have a few more questions for you.

Once I receive your Consultation Form, I will respond in 24 hours or less to set up our free consultation!

Our First Lesson

We can schedule our first lesson at a time that’s convenient for you, including evenings and weekends. After we complete the first lesson, you can decide if you’d like to pay for that lesson and continue scheduling on a lesson-by-lesson basis or if you’d like to pay for the discounted 4-session package (Best Deal!).

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Continuing Lessons

You may want to schedule future sessions every week, every two weeks, or every 3-4 weeks – it all depends on your availability! Allowing enough time for training in between lessons is an important part of how successful your dog will be. But leaving too much time between sessions can create learning boredom in your dog. We can talk about what works best for you. Being able to schedule sessions when you and your dog are ready is a great advantage in private training!

Advantages to private training:

You can schedule upcoming appointments at a time that works with your availability. You are not committed to a pre-set class time and day.

Our lessons will be tailor-made for your dog based on the specific skills you want your dog to learn and which less desirable behaviors you’d prefer to eliminate.

Private training gives us the option to hold lessons in different locations, including your own home or neighborhood! This is extremely beneficial for shy/fearful dogs, dogs who are working toward becoming a therapy dog, or dogs that exhibit a problem behavior in a specific location only.

You and your dog have the trainer’s full attention to work on things specific to your dog. Group classes give generalized information through a set training schedule, which may or may not be useful learning for your dog.

Although group sessions may initially be less expensive, they offer no individual help for learning or overcoming specific behaviors. That means you’ll likely still need a trainer or behaviorist to address your dog’s specific needs. By using a private trainer right away, you’ll save money and time.

We’ll focus on the things your dog needs to be successful within your home and outside in the real world! These include: basic obedience training, polite manners (inside and outside of your home), and addressing any behavior issues that are making life with your dog less than perfect.

Dogs who are anxious around other dogs and/or people, or who are easily distracted, do much better in private training.

We want our shy or fearful dogs to learn at a pace that is comfortable, yet progressive. Private training helps build confidence and can address the specific fear issues your dog is experiencing. It can also be a good stepping stone to attending group classes at a later time, which can be beneficial for shy/fearful dogs once they have gained some confidence.

These dogs find it hard to learn in a group environment because of all the other dogs, people, and sometimes, treats scattered around. Private training sets them on the right path to becoming more focused on you, which helps them learn at a much more rapid pace.

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